Burundi is a small African country that is looking to attract foreign investment.

Investment Climate

  • GDP: US$2.74 billion (2016 est.)
  • Major Industries: Light Consumer Goods; Assembly of Imported Components; Public Works Construction; Food Processing
  • Major Trading Partners: China; Uganda; Belgium; Germany (2013)
  • Mining: No significant foreign/large-scale mining enterprises; no government equity for mining projects
  • Fiscal: 35% Corporate Income Tax; 4% Royalty; 18% VAT
  • Inflation (CPI): 4.4%
  • 5 year compound annual growth: 4.5%
  • Government: Republic; President Nkurunziza re-elected in 2015
  • Population: 11.1m
  • Languages: Kirundi (official), French (official), Swahili (along Lake Tanganyika in the Bujumbura area)