extremely high grade material with estimated in-situ vein grades between 47-67% total REO

large, high quality mineral inventory


  • The contained rare earth mix of samples taken and concentrate produced is weighted strongly towards elements used in the manufacture of strong permanent magnets, the most important market for REEs, with neodymium and praseodymium having an average sampled combined in situ grade of approximately 20%
  • The Gakara Project has modest financing requirements, with the CPR estimating a total capital expenditure of US$2.23 million (£1.8 million) to establish trial mining operations and construct a process plant on site, due to the proposed small-scale of mining activities and minimal processing requirements of the run of mine material
  • The high grade of the vein material is expected to allow the Company to pursue a low-risk processing route. In addition, the minimal level of processing required avoids the need for complex and expensive processing facilities and the use of hazardous chemicals or environmentally deleterious effects in the mining process
  • The Gakara Project is fully permitted to commence production. The Mining Licence was granted in 2015 with a term of 25 years and is in good standing
  • The Group’s chosen mining methodology has been guided by historic production from the Gakara Project
  • There is strong support for the Gakara Project from both the Burundi Government and the local population

Part of the Pella Resources Group