We have demonstrated our commitment to responsible environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices, underpinned by Rainbow’s core values, in our trial operations to date at Gakara. We will continue to uphold these practices at Phalaborwa and Uberaba and look to implement best practice at our operations wherever possible.

The majority of rare earths are currently produced in China, with governments and companies worldwide increasingly seeking alternative, ethical and responsible supply chains for these essential raw materials. We believe that Rainbow has a unique opportunity to contribute to an independent supply chain with our near-term development project at Phalaborwa in South Africa and the via the Uberaba project in Brazil.

Our purpose is to produce magnet rare earths, the fundamental building blocks to power the global green revolution, in an efficient and responsible way. We are focused on providing positive contributions in our countries of operation and benefits for all our stakeholders.

Rainbow’s approach to sustainability is founded upon the four pillows below. Read more about it in our FY 2023 Sustainability Report.