Health & Safety

Rainbow has a zero-harm policy, meaning that we are committed to ensuring that our staff, as well as contractors and other visitors to our sites, are kept healthy and safe from harm. Throughout the organisation, individuals are held responsible for their own and everyone else’s safety and wellbeing, while managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring standards and that the relevant policies are always adhered to. The Sustainability Committee , a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, is ultimately responsible for making sure appropriate policies are in place and that those policies are being enacted.

We have an Operating Health and Safety (“OHS”) system in place and safety training is a priority for the Company to facilitate safer, more efficient and effective working practices. All staff and contractors are required to undergo an induction programme before commencing the activity. As well as induction, workers are required to hold routine “toolbox” meetings to discuss safety issues and are encouraged to consider risks of each activity for themselves. The principle of each individual taking responsibility for his/her own safety, as well as that of colleagues, is entrenched in the training process.

All staff are made aware of the potential risks not only to themselves and colleagues but also to local communities. Potential risks and risk awareness training includes task-specific hazard identification and risk assessment, continuous risk assessments, undertaken by the responsible supervisor prior to the start of any work in a specific work area, and standard operating procedures applicable to a specific task or work.